Norfolk County: Explore The Strawberry Capital Of Canada

Growing up in the suburbs of Toronto, I was always fascinated by several communities that are there to discover. So, I decided to go for a long vacation to explore Norfolk County. There are so many things that you can do and see in this area. Here is a list of things to do in Norfolk County.

  • Long Point Provincial Park

This is the 4th oldest provincial park that you will find in Ontario. Soak up in the sun lying on the calm beach. The soft sand will give you a soothing feeling. I also went boating and fishing. These facilities are available at the park. It is an excellent way to relax in the water. If it is the migrating season, you will see several birds migrating to this area.

  • Urban Parisian

One of the bustling hubs of the city is Port Dover. Here, you will find several restaurants and cafes to enjoy the delectable. Enjoy the morning breakfast the Urban Parisian. This café serves rich coffee and French pastries that you are never going to forget. In case pastries aren’t your thing, try out the freshly baked bread. However, what took away my heart was the Pecan Butter Tart. Even the mention of it makes my mouth water.

  • Burning Kiln Winery

Visit the Burning Kiln Winery, enumerating one of the most compelling stories. This is an award-winning winery. A tour took me through the winemaking process. You will be able to find out how wines are produced. Do not forget to visit the wine tasting room to test some of the best wines in Canada.

  • Blueberry Hill Estates

Located close to Burning Kiln Winery is the Blueberry Hill Estates. This is a must-visit for all berry fans. The farmland has been transformed into a wintery retail store which runs along the farmers market. Relax while you sip blueberry wine made from blueberry and blackberry.