Pachuca: Explore The Beautiful Landscape

My search for beautiful landscape came to an end when I visited Pachuca. The calm city with natural beauty is full of comfort and culture.  This beautiful place is situated in the northeastern part of Mexico. Other than the architectural excellence, the city has many attractions such as the Roman Villa which had been involved in the removal and cleaning of silver. It is rich in history. I got a lot more than I initially expected. Take a look at some of the things you can explore when you are in Pachuca.

  • Check out the Museums

One of the most tourist attractions of Pachuca is the museums. It has some excellent museums. Cuartel de Arte is situated inside the previous Convento de San Francisco. I was surprised to find there different museum, an art gallery, library, and a theatre in this place. It is an amazing structural design. Do not forget to stop by the mining museum.

  • Marvel at the Architectural Designs

Some of the best architectural designs are to found in this city.  We had a chance to admire these. El Reloj, the town clock has been designed by the same person who designed the Big Ben of London. Some of the other structures are Rule House, Colorado House, House of Culture, San Francisco Church, Bancomer Building, Art School, and Methodist Temple.

  • Learn about Ancient Civilization

A major attraction of the place is ancient ruins. Pachuca has various ancient and historical sites that you can visit in a day. Xihuingo is known to be the oldest ruins. It is only an hour drive from the town. Huapalcalco is another site which was the home of Quetzalcoatl, the mortal man. This is also an hour drive; Tula site has been the capital of Toltec empire which is a two-hour drive from the city.