Petropolis – The Imperial City

Petropolis is a city in Brazil, located in the Southeast Region. Situated in the Fluminense Mountain Region, the city serves as an ideal spot for winter holidays. I visited the city on my journey to Rio de Janeiro which is lies at a distance of 68km. The imperial beauty of the Petropolis was so captivating that I ended up spending a weekend out here. Mentioned below are a few memorable places in the city that are definitely worth a visit.


  • Imperial Museum


Firstly, I visited the Imperial Museum. It serves as the landmark of the city. The museum building was originally a palace built in 1845 by Emperor Pedro II. Here you can see lots of relics associated with the Brazilian monarchy. Notable exhibits include the Emperor’s crown, imperial jewels, and royal accessories made of precious metals. The exhibits are several centuries old and well preserved. The museum is quite popular and attracts thousands of visitors from the world over.


  • Cathedral of Petropolis


The historic Cathedral of Petropolis is yet another beautiful monument you should be visiting if you are in the city. The construction of the Roman Catholic Church was completed in the year 1925. The church tower is quite tall and is magnificently illuminated in the night. The cathedral is an example of finest neo-gothic architecture. Here you can see the famously stained glass windows on which Emperor Pedro II has written his poems.


  • Cervejaria Bohemia


Your visit to Petropolis would be meaningless if you miss out on Cervejaria Bohemia, the oldest brewery in entire Brazil. Established in 1853, the brewery exhibits the traditional way of beer making. A short tour around the place helped me learn about the centuries-old process of beer production. The place also has a restaurant and bar where you can enjoy an exceptional treat.