Top Five Things to Visit in Stuttgart, Germany

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People usually do not think of visiting this place as they feel that nothing is interesting in this car city. I have done my research and wanted to visit Stuttgart for its car museums, merriment offered by the festivals, vast green spaces, Christmas markets, and lovely palaces. Here are some of the top things to visit in Stuttgart.


  • Schlossplatz


Schlossplatz or Stuttgart palace was built by Duke Carl Eugen of Württemberg as a treasure chest. The palace square turns into Christmas market in November and offers lots of activities. I enjoyed the walk through the interior of the castle and visiting the jubilee column and Königstrasse, the shopping street.


  • Mercedes-Benz Museum


You will be able to understand the history of the automotive giants Mercedes-Benz by visiting this museum. You can see the transformation in the design and technology of the cars that has happened from the company’s inception in 1887. Even if you are not interested in cars I am sure you will enjoy a visit to this place.


  • Porsche Vehicle Museum


The exhibit here tells the story of the brand. The thing that I enjoyed most here is the interactive Porsche Touchwall and interactive sound installation at the museum called Porsche in the Mix. You can go through the historical archives using the Touchwall.


  • Town of Esslingen


You can get the feel of an old town by visiting Esslingen. This town takes you to 13 to 15th century with its buildings constructed using timers. The hilltop castle, St. Dionys church, and town hall are the main attractions. The clock installed at the town hall has moving figures in it.


  • Christmas Market


I want people to visit Stuttgart especially during late November or in December to witness what the Christmas market at Schlossplatz has to offer. There are more than 280 vendor cabins decorated with Christmas motifs. The shops offer varieties of handmade gifts and food items.