Urumqi – The Land Of The Silk Route

If you are planning a trip to Urumqi and want a quick guide for the same, you are in the right place. In this page, I am going to share my personal experience about this city when I had last visited it. Formerly known as Tihwa, it is the capital of Xinjiang region of China. It was a major hub in the Silk Route and since then has maintained its reputation as a leading cultural and commercial center of the country. Let us take a look at the other attractions of this city.

  • Hong Shan

It is an inner city mountain of this city which is considered as a symbolic scenic spot of Urumqi. The rocks of this mountain reflect a bright red color for which the local residents call it Hong Shan that means ‘Red Mountain’ in Chinese. I felt one can get the best view of it from the Xi Daqiao Bridge.

  • Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar

This is considered to be the largest bazaar in the world. You will find many things like garments, musical instruments, jewelry, fruits, nuts and others in this huge marketplace. I was lucky enough to find the Uyghur street singers and dancers perform here. You can also attend the other events which take place in this bazaar.

  • Heavenly Lake

This lake located to the east of Urumqi does complete justice to its name. It is extremely beautiful and crescent in shape. If you visit this place in summer as I did, you will find this place to be an ideal cool resort. The lake, with its surrounding geographic relics, is perfect for people who love to explore places with scientific importance.

  • Xinjiang Regional Museum

This museum is a large and integrated center for the study of the cultural relics which have been discovered in the region. The exhibition hall of the museum covers a large area and the building is constructed in a Uigur style. The items found here not only represent the lifestyle of the people but also the revolutionary spirit within them. I found this place to be interesting and will surely recommend it a visit.